Callings and divine election are purely products of predestination, which are conceived before the very foundation of the world and hatched into reality when he called show up planet earth. Few days after he was born, some men came into Lomé (the place of his birth) from Agbetikor and Vogan requested to see him, They had a message from God. They said they were pastors and prophets His parents desired to know what the message was the men said God told them a servant had been born who could be a prophet unto God. And would minister in God Presence. His parents refused to listen further because they were idols worshipers and did not see the possibility of their son leaving their fold. He began to grow up but his growing up was a little bit abnormal. He had a soft spot for the things of God even while he was going to the idols place with the mother. He knew he was not on the right path. He came to Agoe Zongo for his secondary education and encountered Destiny at Lomé. Pressure mounted on him made him to withdraw for little while. But he returned to Lomé Bé Kpota where he finally encountered Destiny. He Started moving out with the Brethren for evangelism and prayers on 1990 . He saw a revelation the poor people in the globe ( world) was being given to him and no believers, Acts 10:38, Isaiah 61:1 written on it. Privor to this time, he had Read. Through the Bible three times because his thirst for God was insatiable all through his study, He had not taken Acts 10:38, Isaiah 61:1 Matthew 28:19-20 consideration.

He was so shocked when he recovered from the vision and check out what the scriptures reveals. How God Anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power : who went about doing good. And healing all that were oppressed of the devil, for God was with him Acts 10: 38, Isaiah 61:1 Matthew 28:19-20. That was when he understood what he was given to take round the world. It was a power ministry He received of the Lord. There and then he thanked God and asked for directions.

In destiny, visions Birth visions! On the 20 th September 1994,He was in Burkina Faso as an Assistant in Fire power Church street Lomé -OUAGA BOBODIOULASSO PISSY, He sat one faithful day. When he heard God Speaking audibly saying ” have given you Grace to manifest the Reality of my Spirit and I will make you an example of wealth in your generation. That clearly revealed that it was going to be a Holy Ghost controlled mission. Then January 1998, Come the mandate and what I call the commission he had a 72 Hours encounter with the Lord in which He gave him a piece of cloth and said take, wipe out tears from people all over the world, feed them with SALVATION words.Through the revelation of the word manifestation of my power and reality of the Holy Spirit. He took time to explain the encounter in which he gave him Acts 10:38, was the ministry powers base. The Burkina Faso encounter was to receive grace to appropriate the manifested reality of the Holy Spirit. The February 12 the encounter was when Grace for the word was released. These three from and constitute the Basis of the ministry which he said ago and produce people of fire and enviable destinies.

We are a people of focus, an exceptional people. We own tomorrow, we have today as an assignment. We have a mandate.